New batch of Philippine Military Academy (PMA) cadets were admitted to a military hospital in Metro Manila last week, more than two weeks after plebe Darwin Dormitorio’s death due to hazing. 

However, this time, this new group of cadets did not suffer maltreatment. 

According to Maj. Reynan Afan, spokesperson of the PMA, the students were brought to the V. Luna Medical Center in Quezon City. 

“Since PMA station hospital is considered as an infirmary with limited personnel and equipment, we had to rely on V. Luna hospital for normal refraction and ortho check-ups,” he told Philippine Inquirer. 

He said these cadets suffered injuries from ball sports in their recent academy intramurals. 

Based on records given by Afan, cadets suffered hip sprain, compound myopic astigmatism, ligamentous knee injury, a fracture in inferior pubic ramus, while other five cadets were diagnosed with “error of refraction”. 

Three of these cadets have to undergo an MRI scan and orthopedic care. 

Meanwhile, everyone on the list were not identified for their privacy. 

Hazing in PMA 

Students from the University of the Philippines in Diliman, Quezon City, stand for Darwin Dormitorio and appeal for justice for his death due to hazing. | Image Source: Philippine Star

On September 18, Dormitorio died of injuries from hazing. It is allegedly his fellow cadets who had beaten and maltreated him. 

After that, at least three cadets were also brought to Manila due to maltreatment. 

Authorities have already identified the people who are directly accountable for Dormitorio’s death. They will soon be facing criminal charges, according to police. 

Following all these reported incidents in the academy, the heads of PMA resigned from their posts, implicating the “saving of the organization”. 


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