Pops Fernandez, who is 54 years old, is still a hottie. It’s no surprise that she has a long list of suitors. Pops’ prior loves include Jomari Yllana and Brad Turvey, in addition to ex-husband Martin Nievera. Add Aga Muhlach and Piolo Pascual to the mix. Of course, there have been whispers about her Aga for a long time, but Piolo? It’s not like we’re just making stuff up. As seen in her recent vlog, Pops admitted to her past with the two as part of the “Jojowain, Totropahin, Dededmahin o Dadakmain Challenge.”

“Na-jowa ko na siya so Jojowain,” she added of Piolo. Isn’t it jowa lang? ” she explained in her own language of Filipino. “On the list, I have no choice,” Aga joked, but she ultimately chose “Totropahin.” Why? “He was my ex before, so just pals,” she added. It’s all in good fun, but Pops has admitted that dating young men is a great headache, with the biggest challenge being being “judged” for it.

“They don’t regard it as a genuine relationship.” “I went through a lot of that, and I cried about it,” Pops admitted. If you want to be on her “wish list,” keep in mind that Pops is “open” to new love. “I’m not looking, huh?” she said. “All I have to do now is wait…”


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