Sen. Francis Tolentino proposed the privatization of prisons in the country, believing that this will help in diminishing congestion in jails as well as in government’s expense management.

“Just part of a clear menu of public policy options of putting in place private sector initiative that would help to decongest our jails,” Tolentino said in an interview with ANC’s Head Start on Monday.

According to him, prisoners convicted of lesser offenses could be transferred to private institutions while heinous crimes convicts will remain in prisons that are under the supervision of the Bureau of Correction (BuCor).

“I’m referring to offenses punishable by prison correctional and below, those below 6 years imprisonment to help decongest our jails would be placed in private jail facilities,” he explained. 

PNP-Special Action Force members secure prisoners of the New Bilibid Prison in Muntinlupa City. (Image source: Ben Nabong/Rappler)

In addition, the senator thinks that tapping the private sector would aid the government in saving expenses, developing an organized jail management system, and allow lesser crime convicts to be integrated into the mainstream society again after serving their prison sentence. 

“The value of peso invested by the government can be spread out and producing economic scale, and perhaps a more efficient rerun up prison facility for non-heinous crime offenders, convicts.”

United States, New Zealand, Australia, Thailand, and France were some of the countries that authorize private sectors to manage jail facilities, Tolentino mentioned. 

Earlier, three other lawmakers have already passed proposals in separating heinous crime convicts. This can be done by moving them in a penal facility in a secured place — either inside a military establishment or in an island separate from the mainland.

Tolentino also added that this method is not being easy on crimes, but this is just to distinguish heinous crimes offenders with those who have lesser violations.


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