The Barretto sisters has been headlining in the past two weeks after the death of their father Miguel Barretto. Now, their family feud seemed to have gone to another level. 

Claudine posted a video on her Instagram account where Marjorie commented, challenging her sister to prove her accusations in court. 

“PROVE this twisted story of yours in court. Prove that I have ever tried to physically hurt my Mother,” she said.

Marjorie then continued and explained that that was the argument she had with her mom about Julia giving 500k in exchange for the subic home.

“Because it was only when Dad was dead that Julia paid the 500k and so much more than any of us. And how we repeatedly made it clear [that] Julia was not buying the Subic house, long before Dad died, that was clear to all,” Marjorie argued. 

Then she went on and added, “all siblings knew that, you wrote it down in your paper, and you were recording it from your phone without our consent.”

Marjorie ended by saying, “I will see you in court, the rest of the family will stand by me as witnesses.”

Marjorie Barretto’s comment on Claudine Barretto’s post

On Saturday, Claudine posted a two-part video wherein it first showed Marjorie’s interview on television, explaining why their Mom Estrella Barretto did not attend the 82nd birthday celebration of their father. 

The second part of the clip, however, showed that Marjorie was heard saying she wanted to this certain “Inday” at a hospital. 

Claudine captioned her post saying she was not surprised since Marjorie “does this all the time.”

“Earlier this year she was going to hurt my mom physically & in so many more times,” she added. 

Marjorie denies trying to hurt her mom

However, in a statement Majorie sent to, she denied calling her mother “Inday” and that she was not referring to her mom. 

“I don’t refer to My Mom as ‘Inday.’ We call her Mom or Mommy. Hindi po ang Mommy ko ang pinag-uusapan namin dito. And hindi sinasapak ang 82-year-old Mother. My Mom is one TOUGH WOMAN, none of us can ever overpower her,” she said. 

Claudine on Sunday posted a screenshot of her mother’s Instagram story, where she claimed that she was the “Inday Marjorie was referring to after a big fight in the hospital.”

On October 16, the Barretto sisters once again began to clash at the wake of their father when President Rodrigo Duterte attempted to reconcile Gretchen and Marjorie



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