Public school teachers expressed their support for the plan of the House of Representatives to review the current 12-year basic education program or K-12, which adds up two years in high school. 

“We support the House leadership in their move to review K-12 and its effectiveness. This overhaul of the country’s basic education system brought with it a myriad of issues as reported from the field by teachers and other school personnel, parents and students,” Alliance of Concerned Teachers Partylist Rep. France Castro. 

They also have filed a resolution again asking the Congress to study the concerns regarding the implementation of Republic Act No. 10533 or the Enhanced Basic Education Act of 2013

“The review is long overdue. Lawmakers have to look into the roots of the problems, including the chronic underfunding for the requirements of basic education, and immediately address them,” she said. 

Castro, who is a teacher, also commented that the Aquino administration and the Congress started the program in school year 2012-2013 before dealing with the country’s recurring need for teachers, facilities, equipment, classrooms, as well as funding and support personnel.

House to review K-12

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House Speaker Alan Peter Cayetano in talks of reviewing K-12 basic education program at the House of Representatives

Earlier, Speaker Alan Peter Cayetano revealed that House would conduct a review with regards to the effectiveness of K-12 curriculum.

“We in the House are of the consensus that K-12 is not living up to its promise, which is, after you finish senior high school, you don’t have to go to college,” Cayetano said.

Cayetano added K-12 allows senior high school students to choose whether to take vocational and technical courses which would equip them for employment in the future.

“But many schools still lack equipment, whether it is automotive, electrical or sports. So there are issues that we have to address,” he said. 


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