The American girl group Pussycat Dolls will reunite soon in their upcoming tour, 10 years after splitting. 

In the early 2000s, the Dolls rose to prominence with hit tracks ‘Don’t Cha,’ ‘Buttons,’ and ‘When I Grow Up.’

Together, they will once again perform in stage from April next year, starting in Dublin.

“The stars have aligned and the Dolls are getting back together,” former lead singer of the group Nicole Scherzinger said at the Britain’s Heart Breakfast radio show with members Carmit Bachar, Kimberley Wyatt, Ashley Roberts, and Jessica Sutta.

“There’s been unfinished business. It’s been 10 years … we just all were ready to do it,” added Roberts, who is also Heart Radio Showbiz presenter.

When asked if the girls felt the difference when they started and now they are reuniting, Roberts said:

“A lot of time has passed and … we’ve matured, we’ve grown up, we’ve gained life tools, life experience.”

Meanwhile, Robin Antin, woman who founded the Pussycat Dolls, had called for the reunion long time ago. 

However, another member Melody Thornton will not be joining the tour and she is yet to explain the exact reason. 

“We’re focused on the tour right now and… stretching,” Scherzinger said. “We are working on new music and a lot of new surprises for the show.” 


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