Vice President Leni Robredo on Friday asked the Filipino individuals to “draw motivation” from the tale of Benigno “Ninoy” Simeon Aquino Jr. during the different difficulties that the nation faces today. On Ninoy’s 37th passing commemoration, Robredo ordered the open not to overlook his demise and “what it signified” for the nation. “Today, as we suffer one more night, we draw motivation from Ninoy’s story: from his mental fortitude, from his relentless confidence in our kin, from his valor,” she said in her message.

Robredo said the Filipino ought to consistently “recollect what his passing implied for the whole country.” As the nation wrestled with different difficulties, she asked the open not to surrender and keep battling. Rather than being apprehensive, we become bolder. Rather than surrendering, we joined together and stood up,” she said. Robredo said in Ninoy’s passing “we discovered solidarity; we found the solidarity to make the principal strides towards a more liberated, more attractive, more altruistic culture; we discovered expectation, and the fortitude to stake our lives on that trust, similarly as he did.” Just like how Ninoy “had confidence in a superior future for Filipinos in any event, when it was difficult,” Robredo reminded everybody not to lose trust during testing times.

“Through long periods of detainment, division from his family, enduring, and banish, he clung to the steady conviction that the night would pass and daybreak would break over the land he adored,” she said. Robredo likewise underscored the significance of sharing the notion and conviction that things ought to be better and things can improve. “Our quality as a country exudes from our aggregate determination to do what we can to move towards this better skyline,” she finished.


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