Vice President Leni Robredo will be releasing her report on the anti-illegal drugs campaign of the government and no one should be threatened about this, she said. 

“Walang dapat matakot. Medyo nakakatawa nga na parang ‘yung anticipation nananakot ako. Wala naman tayong tinatakot,” Robredo clarified to the reporters on Tuesday. 

The report will include the gaps she found during her brief stint as drug czar, as well as her recommendations to improve the drive. 

“‘Yung sa atin lang, mas rekomendasyon para ipakita ko naman na hindi ko sinayang ‘yung 18 days na binigay sa akin. Nakita n’yo naman kung papaano ako nagtrabaho,” she said. 

During her term as the co-chair of the Inter-Agency Committee on Anti-Illegal Drugs, Robredo maximized her time by meeting with several government departments and foreign groups in efforts to boost the country’s war on drugs. 

Thousands protests against the country’s anti-illegal drug campaign (Image source: Al Jazeera)

However, President Rodrigo Duterte fired Robredo from the post less than a month after her appointment. 

He cited different reasons as to why he decided to fire her. Earlier, he said he removed Robredo from the post in response to the latter’s taunt to just fire her if he does not want her in the position. In addition, he said he cannot trust Robredo with the classified information of the state. 

Later, Duterte said he is afraid that the Vice President might screw things up since she has no knowledge about handling the drug war. 

Despite her dismissal, Robredo said she would continue to work against the drug problem of the country. 

“Makakaasa kayo, kahit tinanggalan ako ng posisyon, hinding-hindi nila kayang tanggalin ang aking determinasyon itigil ang patayan, panagutin ang kailangang managot, at ipanalo ang kampanya laban sa iligal na droga,” she said. 


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