Sagada to close eco-tourism attractions as precautionary measure vs COVID-19


Sagada, a known tourist destination especially to adventure-seekers and brokenhearted, will temporarily close eco-tourism attractions such as caves, trails as a precautionary measure against the COVID-19.

The Sagada tourism office said that the eco-tourism areas will be restricted to tourists “until further notice.” The said ban includes waterfalls and hanging coffins. However, cafes, restaurants, hotels, and lodges are excluded.

“There is an urgent need to protect the municipality of Sagada… from the threat of COVID-19 and similar strains by implementing prevention and control measures,” Sagada Mayor James Pooten said in the order posted on the Facebook Page Sagada Tourism.

Announcement: Executive Order No. 07 -20 now signed and released.All Eco-Tourism Activites are now suspended due to…

Posted by Sagada Tourism on Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Sagada province became a more popular destination when the 2014 romantic film “That Thing Called Tadhana” filmed scenes, wherein the lead female role was mending her broken heart in the town. 

It is also known to be a lookout spot for a picturesque sea of clouds to recreate a scene from the film.

On Thursday, President Rodrigo Duterte called on the public to remain calm and observe proper hygiene amid the coronavirus scare.

So far, there are 3 confirmed cases, which include the death of one. All of them are Chinese nationals from the ground zero of the virus, Wuhan. 238 out of the 408 people under investigation were confined.

The Chinese government already reported 1,300 deaths due to COVID-19, which led to the cancellation of in and out of China flights.


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