Samsung announced the launching of its most-awaited first-ever foldable smartphone on Friday, after it was delayed due to faulty screens

The world’s largest smartphone company has worked for almost eight years to develop the Galaxy Fold. It was supposedly scheduled for release in April, but the reviewers found problem on the screen within a few days. 

Now, after months of improving the foldable phone, Samsung has officially announced that it is set to launch on Friday in South Korea, then in selected countries including the US, France, and Germany.

Samsung’s Galaxy Fold has been advertised as the “world’s first foldable smartphone,” and competing brands like Huawei also wants to introduce the same device to the market.

In 2016, Samsung also experienced a major setback when its Galaxy Note 7 were reported to have exploding batteries. This, as well, dragged the reputation of the company. 

It was also affected by the intensifying trade war between South Korea and Japan that arose from their World War II clash.  

Tokyo was reported to implement tough restrictions on exports essential to the tech companies in South Korea in July. Lee Jae-yon, Samsung vice chairman, then visited Tokyo to make sure the materials were secured. 

On a different note, Apple is also set to release its iPhone 11 series tomorrow, the same day the Galaxy Fold is expected to launch. 

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