Sarah Lahbati, an actress, was speechless. This came after her husband, actor Richard Gutierrez, surprised her with a big gift. On Instagram, she uploaded a photo of her sitting on the hood of her new sarge green compact mid-size four-wheel drive off-road SUV. She claims she doesn’t ask for material goods since she prefers to work hard for what she wants. She said, “@richardgutz, I’m speechless.” “You make me feel like a queen even when I’m not expecting it, aside from being the finest dada to Zion and Kai.” Sarah expressed her gratitude to Richard for a variety of things, including his “crazy surprise” and his “unconditional love, through ups and downs.”

“(Sarge) green; the color of life, nature, balance, growth, and wealth,” she said of the car’s hue. Sarah turned 28 just a few days ago. Richard and Sarah have been together for more than nine years. Last year, they tied the knot. Zion and Kai are the couple’s two sons.


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