iTunes, which was once-revolutionary program that made online music sales sparked in mainstream and successfully blunted the influence of piracy, have to say goodbye now. 

On iPhones, there has been separate apps for music, video, and books, resulting in negligence of Apple’s classic entertainment library. 

Spotify and Apple Music have been popular in giving music-subscription services. However, iTunes software and sales of individual songs are now forgotten in the rapid boost of technology. 

Apple Music will now be hidden on the Mac. 

2 years after the release of iPod, Apple launched its iTunes Music Store in 2003. It sold 99 cents for single then and $9.99 for most albums, which made music enthusiasts buy music legally rather than having pirated downloads.  

It had expanded and included podcasts, e-books, audiobooks, movies, TV shows, and then became a backup for voice memos on iPhone. 

However, the software got bombarded and wasn’t able to give justice to its additional functions, hence lost its charm as time goes by. 

 macOS Catalina 

The macOS Catalina | Image Source: Apple website

However, Apple will welcome Catalina as their new update for macOS. 

It will be its new home of music for Apple’s $10-a-month subscription. Apple Music subscribers will no longer see the iTunes, unless they restore their settings. 

Non-subscribers will see it as a tab, together with several ways to subscribe to Apple Music. On iPhones, however, iTunes store remains its app for buying music and video. 

TV shows and movies will still be available on Macs, although now part of the TV app on iTunes store. Renting and buying of video will be mixed in other movies and shows, plus the exclusive offerings through Apple TV Plus. 

The new Podcasts app, meanwhile, will have a feature that indexes specific episodes. This will allow you to easily search for actors or fads that don’t appear in the text description. 

Moreover, the usual iPhone syncing and backup functions in iTunes have been incorporated into Finder, the Mac’s navigation interface. 


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