SB19 is definitely going up as they made it to the America’s Billboard Next Big Sound Chart, taking the no. 6 spot! 

After dominating several music charts in the Philippines, the Filipino boy group just achieved something great in their music career. They really got into international music scene! 

The group celebrates along with American artists BIA, Rotimi and Rico Nasty, and other K-Pop groups (G)I-DLE, and A.C.E being on first five ranks. 

2019 is indeed SB19’s year and their fans can surely tell that 2020 and forthcoming years will even bring bigger success for them. 

SB19 fans are proud!

If this achievement brings enough joy to SB19 members, what more to the people who have been endlessly celebrating the P-pop group even without a proper recognition, right? 

The group may have been experiencing backlash since their day one, but their real fans believed in the members’ flourishing potential that will eventually conquer the world. 

Survey even showed that almost half (47%) of their fans are male, which can be pretty surprising in the stand of boy groups in the Philippines. 

Again, SB19 got some fanboys

However, for a non-fan and solely music listeners out there, you may have heard the name SB19 by their first successful P-pop single “Go Up,” but they also have a ballad track called “Tilaluha” that you may want to listen to as well. 

Only up, indeed. Congratulations, boys! 


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