7 Obvious Signs That Confirm You’re Becoming a ‘Tita’

Are you becoming a tita? Let's see!

Before anything else, let’s define the word “Tita” first.

Tita is the Filipino term for aunt or auntie. They are the second mamas who hand us tissue to wipe the side of our mouth or cut the loose thread of our shirt. They also cook tasty food and likes to prepare tea?  You know what we mean, right?

We’re sure those who are in their 20s feel like they have already changed and probably are still changing. This may be in terms of the way you dress up, the activities and groups you involve yourself with, or in they way you make life choices.

Let’s see if you’re becoming a tita with these undeniable signs.

7 Nakaka-Tita Things You Do

You cannot go outside without bringing your bag. 

Now, your bag is not only fashion purposes. You carry your bag with you because it contains the essentials you need including lipstick, wipes, tissue, medicine, powder, alcohol or hand sanitizer, etc, etc. Basically, you have become the girl scout of the group since you have everything they need in your bag.

You prefer a chill night out or not at all.

Instead of a walwalan type of night out every Friday, you are now more into a chill kind of hang out at a coffee shop or even just in your place. Besides that, you like to talk about the deep stuff with your friends after a stressful week at your work. Sometimes, you don’t even want to go out because you want to have your “me” time and catch up with your favorite movie series on Netflix.

You enjoy quiet music.

This might be the reason why you no longer want to go partying in clubs. Now, you enjoy mellow or silent music than loud ones because this relaxes you. Is this really how it’s supposed to be as we age?

You go organic.

Another nakaka-tita factor you do is that you’re going organic, be it beauty products, food, and other items. You now consider and make sure that what goes into your body is of high quality and healthy for you since looking and feeling good is a very necessary nowadays. Organic may cost a bit, but there is no better investment than your wellness.

You can’t live a day without a life hack. 

Life hacks are a part of your daily routine since you only have limited time going into the details of your chores. Every tita has an item, product, or an application that help them save time and effort, especially in this fast-paced type of lifestyle. According to them, this is not being high maintenance, but being resourceful rather.

Your mantra is: Tea is life.

When you’re stressed, down, have colds, or you just feel like drinking, tea is the key. Aside from a cup of tea, which is associated with titas, coffee is also their another go-to drink. These two definitely help you start and finish your day.

You pause and look at the pretty pieces in furniture stores.

Last sign you’re becoming a tita is when you pass furniture stores, you can’t help yourself but spot those pretty pieces wishing you would be able to buy them one day. Well, part of growing up is building a home, so this must mean that you’re already growing.

Are you a confirmed tita? Tell us in the comments section below!


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