Wouldn’t you want a dyosang face like your favorite celebrity? You might have a lot in common with your idol like her beautiful face and smile, but a healthy skin as hers is a must to successfully achieve a telegenic face. A ritual skin care and healthy lifestyle is something to be focused on, too!

Nevertheless, celebrities are just as stressed as you are for they are humans too (unless you don’t  realize that). A healthy lifestyle is also their main goal. Due to long hours of taping and shooting, they tend to be more pious about keeping their skin healthy.

They make sure they could avoid having breakouts, wrinkles, dark spots, and such. Aside from the help of their make up artists and dermatologists, they have to be consistent in following a skin care routine and choosing products that do well on their skin.

To give you a glimpse of their regular skin care routine, here are 5 celebrity beauty tips you could start doing today to achieve that glowing awra you have been dreaming:

1. Let your Skin Breathe When You Sleep


You probably have experienced having a pimple or two the morning after you left the make-up on your face. Not yet? Don’t wait for that to happen, because you will painfully regret it!

Just follow this golden rule no matter how exhausted you are at the end of your day. You can be a few steps away from your complete artistahin look.

2. Moisturize Liberally


Aside from the common beauty tip which is to drink a lot (like a lot) of water everyday, moisturizing is quite overlooked in keeping the beauty of your face. After cleansing and toning your face, do not forget to moisturize! Do it in the morning and at night before you sleep.

3. Choose Products That Match Your Skin Goals

If you already know your skin type by now, you probably know the ingredients you should avoid in your beauty products. At the same time, knowing your skin goals could allow you to perceive the right combination of ingredients to address every skin problem you might be facing.

So, check, check, and check! Check the labels and ingredients for the protection and improvement of your skin.

4. Take Vitamins to Glow from Within

Vitamins are not just for the sick! While beauty creams and serums take care of the outer layer of your skin, vitamin E and antioxidant supplements improve your skin from within.

An antioxidant such as astaxanthin could lessen the appearance of fine lines and improve collagen production. Experts also noted that it has inflammatory properties, which could be an aid in protecting the skin from the harshness of the sun. Therefore, you may now give those recommended skin supplements a try and see what they could possibly do to your skin.

5. Skincare Routine + Healthy Lifestyle = Glowing You

Your favorite celebrities invest a lot of dedication and patience in keeping their physical beauty. Even how tight their schedules are, they guarantee to have time in planning their healthy meals and workout.

Skin experts will not break it to you gently that a consistent skincare routine would be a waste of time as long as you keep your vices out of the way. Avoid those alcoholic drinks, cigarettes, and junk foods and start preparing healthy meals. Remember to be active and stay hydrated too!


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