Pasig City Rep. Roman Romulo said a Malaysian-type Smart road tunnel can be an option to solve the piercing traffic problem on Edsa. 

Another proposal is added on the list of solutions to the growing traffic in Metro Manila, a recent one suggests a skyway over Edsa, considering the Edsa can no longer be widen. 

Even the banning of private vehicles during rush hour and car brands’ introduction of coding system were also proposed

“A Malaysian-type Smart underneath Edsa is another option that might help solve the horrendous vehicular congestion on Edsa,” said Romulo on Sunday. 

The inspiration of the lawmaker is the dual-purpose channel beneath Kuala Lumpur’s busiest highway — the Stormwater Management and Road Tunnel or Smart Tunnel. 

Romulo asked the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) to look into the possibility of building the dual-purpose channel under Edsa.

“Since we can no longer widen Edsa, the only options left are to put up an elevated road above and alongside the Metro Rail Transit 3, as proposed by SMC (San Miguel Corp.), and/or build a new motorway below Edsa,” Romulo said.

Image credit: Yahoo News

The Smart, according to him, is a four-lane and double-decked at a cost of $515 million. It consists of 4-kilometer motorway and 9.7 kilometer flood control system in one. 

He said it can function normally whenever there is no rainfall. It will serve as a tunnel road for light motor vehicles. 

Smart road tunnel during heavy rains 

The tunnel will have two modes during the wet season, but still depends on the strength of rain. 

During a light rainfall, floodwaters may turn into the lower bypass channel. Meanwhile, the upper section would remain as a motorway. 

During heavy rains, however, the upper channel will be temporarily closed to all motor vehicle traffic to have the water-tight gates opened for floodwaters. 

Romulo also explained that when the flooding is done and the tunnel is cleaned through pressure-washing, the motorway will usually reopen after 48 hours of closure. 

Meanwhile, once the SMC’s proposal of elevated highway with a bus rapid transit project is approved by the government, it could take up to 1.5 million passengers every day. 

SMC President Ramon Ang said the proposed project could be finished in 24 to 30 months. 


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