This year is really filled with things to look forward to, and of course, that includes the industry of smartphones. Apple is expected to drop the upcoming iPhones with 5G connectivity; folding phones last year are rumored to have better features this time; and launching of Motorola Razr’s modern version is more likely to happen. 

That being said, here are the 10 smartphones to expect within the year 2020:

Top 10 smartphones to check this year:

1. Apple iPhone 12 with 5G

Apple’s iPhone 12 models have long been assumed to have 5G connectivity. Aside from that, this series is actually rumored to include all-new tech and a brand new design that will ditch that iconic notch at the top. 

2. Second-generation Apple iPhone SE

Apart from the new iPhone 12 series, Apple is expected to put kick off two iPhone SE models before 2020 ends, according to a report. But in the meantime, we have to wait for the company to confirm the news. 

3. Samsung Galaxy S11 series

In February, Samsung is expected to launch the next generation of Galaxy S flagship smartphone series. Its segment’s history shows that this model will possibly be introduced with some variants that include lite, plus, and ultra versions. 

4. Second-generation Samsung Galaxy Fold

The first Samsung Galaxy Fold did not quite thrive in 2019 because of its fragility. However, Samsung will attempt to redeem itself as the second generation Galaxy Fold is set to launch this year. 

5. Motorola Razr

The iconic flip phone that succeeded back in the early 2000s is expected to have its contemporary version and it will hit the market early this year, as announced in November. The company initially announced that its release would be this January, but it got delayed for some reason. Nonetheless, let’s still wait until the first of the year. 

6. Google Pixel 4a

This year, Google Pixel 4 is expected to have a budget version just like Pixel 3, and will be called Pixel 4a based on Google’s naming scheme. Similarly, as the Pixel 3a was released in May, so 4a might also be launched in the same month. 

7. Google Pixel 5 series

Though talks about the Google Pixel 5 series are pretty few, the anticipated release is still nine months away, at least. Prior flagship series were launched in October, thus it is more likely that the Pixel 5 series will be released during the same time. 

8. OnePlus 8 series

Just like the earlier versions of OnePlus, the looming flagship 8 series can be likely to arrive in May in a standard and plus versions. These are said to be equipped with the latest processors  and tech currently on the market with their price lower than the brands. 

9. Huawei P40 series

Huawei went through a rough patch in 2019 after it was blacklisted by the United States. Despite that, the company is still brewing to release a new P series version in Paris this coming March. Huawei has mentioned that the lineup will have a “never seen” display. 

10. Huawei Mate 40 series

Based on the release dates of Mate 20 and 30, it looks like we won’t be receiving the Mate 40 lineup until later 2020. However, more details about the models will probably be released as time closes to September or October. 


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