All of us desire to be stable financially; however, many people still find themselves stressed in this aspect in spite of having a constant source of income or a good-paying job. Hang in there because you still could save money if you are willing to change the way you manage it.

When it comes to controlling your finances, it is essential that you start with little things — the little things that eventually grow into larger amounts when combined. Try taking a break from spending on these things and see how much money you will be able to keep.

Bottled water


If you would just think about it, bottled water doesn’t cost that much, so you would not mind buying it. Aside from the negative effects of the disposable bottled water in the environment, this would not be beneficial to your financial status as well. You will be able to save money and at the same time help Mother Earth from decaying if you will invest on your own water bottle or water filter. Don’t forget that your little acts create strong impacts.

Mainstream/Trendy outfits


You really don’t need to have every outfit your favorite celebrities wear. Why? Because a certain style only lasts for a period of time and will eventually change. So, why would you spend money on a piece of clothing that you would only get to wear once or couple of times?

If you actually intend to buy clothes, select pieces that you could partner with what’s already in your closet. Do not buy what you do not need, and if possible, be patient and wait for it until it gets on sale.

Nonetheless, if you cannot help yourself but shop, it would be practical to getaway from it by taking a rest from scrolling through your social media accounts. Remember, it will be easier to save money if you will refrain from temptations.

Branded products/goods


Splurging your money on something just because of its brand does not quite make sense if its generic counterpart has the similar quality. Getting some generic products is definitely a good way in order to save money. But if you feel intensely about a certain branded good, you may keep buying it as long as you keep in mind that you don’t have to buy everything that is branded. If you feel like nothing will change whether you wear or use something branded or not, go for the generic one. Anyway, brands do not determine who we are.

Eating out


Yes, eating at your favorite restaurant or fast food chain may be very convenient and effortless, but then again, its cost may effortlessly count up. If you have the time to prepare your food at home, then it is more practical and advisable to do it. This will not only help you save money; it will also allow you to stay healthy and safe with the food you intake.



Subscriptions of services plague most of the marketing industries nowadays which intend to target the average wage-earner. These kinds of subscriptions, including multiple Internet services, add up to your expenses even without your knowledge.

Service providers are really great at making deals and sometimes we can’t stop ourselves from accepting their offers. But one solution we can do instead of continuously subscribing to these is to take advantage of the free services we get including the free Internet at the office and the free to air services on the television. In order to save money, might as well avoid subscribing to unnecessary services.

Taking little steps in changing the way you handle your resources will have a great impact on your financial status. Consuming small amount of your money does not imply that you’re being too hard on yourself, but it rather shows that you’re concerned about your future needs.


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