In the Philippines, there are many good and delicious food that you find in the street and it is much cheaper compared to other food that you can eat or buy in the restaurant. Filipino people love food and for them, the best food that really gives them the craving is street food.

They love to eat street food anytime at any place. Because Filipino is unique and different from others they don’t care about what others tell about eating Filipino street foods as long as it is clean and delicious they go for it.


Sorbetes or dirty ice cream is a famous Pinoy treat that was introduced during the American occupation. This sweet treat is peddled in the streets by the sorbetero who scoops the ice cream into cones or bread buns from colorful wooden pushcarts

Dirty ice cream isn’t really, well, dirty. The term is only used to differentiate this dessert from the store-bought “clean” ice cream. The sorbetes is usually made from coconut or powdered milk and cassava flour. Popular flavors include chocolate, cheese, ube, mango, and langka.


Banana cue is a sweet treat on-the-go made of deep-fried bananas coated in caramelized brown sugar. Like the other famous street food in the Philippines, pork barbecue, the bananas are skewered. An alternative for this is camote cue, which uses sweet potato instead.


Another banana sweet street food is turon which is one of the most famous street foods in Manila. It’s a popular food-on-the-go for Filipinos as this can be easily eaten everywhere. The bananas are cut in half and wrapped in a spring roll wrapper. It’s also deep-fried and coated with caramelized brown sugar.


No time to have breakfast and looking for a quick morning fix? Taho is every (rushing) Filipino’s best friend. And for some, their mornings are not complete without taho. It’s made of fresh soft or silken tofu, arnibal syrup, and sago pearls. This is available in almost every part of the Philippines. What’s cool here is that you don’t have to go to a certain place just to buy taho because it will come to you, at your doorsteps, literally.


Few Filipino desserts are as popular as halo-halo, a mishmash of shaved ice, and basically any combination of fruits, sweet beans, coconut, sweet milk, syrups, tubers, jellies, etc.

It’s sweet, cold, colorful, and just about everyone seems to love eating halo-halo especially on a hot sunny afternoon.


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