Have you been living your life while actually saving other creatures’ lives? Being a vegan is a good transition for a person who wants to start patronizing sustainable things for the benefit of many living things in the world. 

Veganism has been popular to people who learned to exclude all forms of food, clothing, accessories, and other products that come from animal exploitation and cruelty. That is why vegan diet is being advocated by people who have the biggest heart for animals and the environment, as well as for their health. 

“More and more people should consider the Vegan diet because it’s very good for the health, it’s the best way to save the animals, it addresses world hunger, and it’s the only way to keep our planet from utter devastation,” Justin Go, a vegan chef from an online vegan store, said. 

A vegan diet is basically about not eating any food that comes from animal cruelty, including their eggs and milk. So, dairy products are also excluded. 

But, do not fret! Veganism is way more beneficial for the planet than thinking you would die by not eating your favorite burgers and steak. 

3 Reasons to Start a Vegan Diet: 

1. Vegan Food Actually Tastes Good! 


Heavy meat eaters would definitely disagree, saying, “Noooo! It’s boring and bland.” 

However, Go said that you can turn any recipe today into vegan burgers, sausages, sisig, and pizza.

“I used to be a heavy meat eater,” Go shared. “Burgers, steaks, sausages, and other usual ‘manfood’ were my staples. Initially, I was afraid that I’ll miss the meat; however, as I was treading and traveling more to learn and experience the different flavors of vegan food, I got hooked. The flavors are incredible!”

So, contrary to popular belief, you can definitely savor vegan food because it is tasty! After biting, you would even forget that you’re not actually eating meat. 

2. Beneficial for Your Aching Body 


Your body is not going to be that health. As much as possible, do it while you’re young and then reap what you sow. 

Heidi Laure, head chef and founder of the same store with Go, said being a vegan will give you numerous amazing effects on the body, including your mindfulness. 

“Your overall physical and mental health will improve,” she said. 

“It helps with hypertension control, prevents diabetes, reverses type 2 diabetes and heart disease, lowers bad cholesterol levels, gives you more energy, improves your digestion, speeds up recovery from workouts, improves your mood, improves brain function, promotes healthy metabolism, improves eyesight, increases your fiber intake, and all the antioxidants will clear up your skin and make you glow, too!” 

You can also adjust your diet that matches your goal. 

“You can actually customize your vegan diet depending on your goals — just like any diet, you can achieve weight loss, fat loss, weight gain, or muscle gain,” she said.

3. Live Sustainably 


“The reason for this is that farm animals are predominantly fed composed of antibiotics and artificial hormones, and all the excretions are directed to the rivers and then to the oceans. Even grass-fed farmed animals excrete very large amounts of nitrogen from their manure,” Laurel explained.

She also mentioned that animal wastes cause algae to develop, which uses up the oxygen in the water. 

Moreover, cows produce methane in their digestive system, which is a greenhouse gas that is 25x more dangerous than carbon! So, when they get slaughtered, the methane that animals released contribute to the temperature of the planet. 

“One-third of the Earth’s arable land is used to raise animals for slaughter, and large amounts of feeds and tons of potable water are needed in order to just produce a pound of steak or burger,” Go said.

Therefore, opting to be a vegan would be a long way to contribute to saving the environment

“You do not have to be an environmentalist, a pro vegan chef, or a scientist to make a change – it’s as simple as rethinking what you put in your plate,” Chef Laurel said.


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