President Rodrigo Duterte guaranteed that the pay hike for public school teachers is forthcoming this year, though he did not drop when this would actually be granted. 

After his arrival from Russia, the President attended a press conference on Sunday in Davao City and there he said that teachers will get their salary increase, but not doubled. 

“It’s coming, their increases. But not doubled. There are a lot more teachers, my God. But it is forthcoming,” Duterte assured. 

“The last time they [Cabinet members] were discussing was about 35 percent. It could be more, I don’t know,” he said. 

Moreover, the President said he would not reveal the particular timeline yet for the pay hike and that it is better to say that the pay hike is coming. 

“If I give you the timeline tapos I could not make it on the deadline, I have to explain more than what is expected of government. Mas mabuti kung nandyan na. Basta sinasabi ko may increase this year, I am very sure of that.”

On the other hand, Senators during the celebration of National Teacher’s Day promised to prioritize salary increase for teachers.

Groups of teachers have been demanding pay hike to the government as their existing salaries can no longer compensate their families’ needs. 

Meanwhile, teachers of Carlos Albert High School in Quezon City formed a “30k” mark to initiate a two-week campaign to push for a minimum monthly salary of P30,000. 


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