Teresa Loyzaga and her son Diego Loyzaga’s girlfriend Barbie Imperial are close friends. She even referred to her as a “special lady” at one point, but that doesn’t mean she’d take her side in public squabbles. Teresa recently expressed her support for AJ Raval, who had previously angered Barbie by being romantically linked to Diego. Teresa, who is now in Australia, issued a message urging the people not to chastise the teenage sex nymphet. “I’ve been through breaking before,” she explained. Harming others has never been a viable option.

"I had the pleasure of meeting AJ. "She appears to be a nice girl, and I know her father," she continued, alluding to action hero Jeric Raval. "I hope the vandalism has ended," she continued. Life should be enjoyable. Everyone makes mistakes and falls from time to time. "Let us also respect AJ," she continued. I sincerely hope so.


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