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Dogs are man’s best friends, not because they are adorable but they’re also smart. They have emotions they learn tricks, recognized their owners. According to Live Science, they’re as smart as a two-year-old child.

For that reason, everyone who owns a dog will boast of having the best one around. The cutest and smartest but when it comes to the latter, there are studies that show some dogs are just smarter than others.

Here’s the Top 5 Smartest Dogs:

German Shepherds

The German Shepherd is a breed of medium to large-sized working dog that originated in Germany. They are brave and very intelligent. They don’t mind working hard and are very strong as well.

These dogs are trained to help the handicapped. They also help in search and rescue operations, they even help police officers in drug detection and related operations and the military in general.

German Shepherd Dog


Poodles became the National dog of France. However, majority of cynologists believe the Poodle originated in Germany. The dog they refer to is roughly equivalent to the modern Standard Poodle-sized variety.

They have great instinct, making them highly preferred for hunting. Their training needs to be very consistent and they need regular exercise so as to stay well behaved.

Poodle Dog


Pugs are big dog in a small body. The large round head, the big, sparkling eyes, and the wrinkled brow give pugs a range of human-like expressions.

Pugs seem so smart so repetitive activities can easily bore and distract them. This training process is hard, but once achieved, the process is totally worth it.

Pug Dog

Rottweiller Dogs

A domestic dog breed originally used to herd livestock and pull carts laden with butchered meat to market and regarded as medium-to-large or large

People consider Rottweilers as true working dogs due to sharp qualities. They are also incredibly great at following orders from their masters.

They are also known to be very loyal, very courageous and display commitment to tasks assigned to them and because of that, they are used as guard dogs and work in certain police units. They can also endure pain without showing it.

Papillon Dogs

Papillons were originally bred as charming and attentive companions, they are continental toy spaniel. The unique characteristics of Papillons are their ears, which are large like a butterfly wings.

Other than just being beautiful, they are smart and also adapt very easily to the environment they find themselves in and their work ethic is also on point. They also good in children.


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