The Department of Health (DOH) has reported on Monday the third polio case in the country since outbreak announcement. 

The poliovirus was found in a 4-year-old girl from Datu Piang, Maguindanao, who DOH said, had no oral polio vaccine.

“According to Health Secretary Francisco T. Duque III, the third confirmed case is a four-year-old female from Datu Piang in the Province of Maguindanao who did not receive any dose of the oral polio vaccine (OPV).”

The health department sent stool sample to the National Institute of Infectious Diseases in Japan. The results confirmed the girl was infected with vaccine-derived polio virus 2, which has been genetically linked to the similar virus in the first recorded case. 

DOH launches synchronized polio vaccination for children
The Department of Health (DOH) has already launched synchronized polio vaccination today amid threats of polio resurgence in the Philippines.

Initially, the 4-year-old was experiencing acute flaccid paralysis on September 26, following her consultation at the Cotabato Regional Medical Center. 

Meanwhile, the DOH mentioned it is expecting results of samples from another patient suspected to have the disease. 

On November 4 to 8, it will hold vaccination program in Datu Piang for more than 4,000 children aging from zero to five years old. 

The first reported case was a three-year-old girl from Lanao del Sur while the second one was a five-year-old boy from Laguna.

After 19 years of being free of the disease, the DOH announced on September 19 a polio outbreak in the Philippines.


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