Transgender woman named Jessa Remiendo was found dead in a beach in Bolinao, Pangasinan after she was hacked multiple times. 

According to the overall president of the United Pangasinan Association LGBTQ+ Noreen Barber, the mutilated body of Remiendo was lying on the shore of Patar on September 17, Tuesday. 

Major Dennis Cabigat, town police chief of Bolinao, confirmed the incident and said that the slaying was “usual”.

Meanwhile, a police report stated that Remiendo was drinking with coworkers and her sister, late night Monday, then she decided to buy cigarettes. After that, she never came back. 

In the morning of the next day, her body was found and her neck was “almost completely cut through” while her right eye was slashed.

Authorities are now investigating the case. 

Barber said this incident caused fear to the transgender community in Pangasinan as this was the first time, to the best of her knowledge, that a transgender woman was violently killed in their province. 

“We have a trans community here. We are widely accepted and we work together,” she said.

Barber also pointed out that the people there accept their community that they are not scared to walk in public and to have relationships. What even shocked her is that Remiendo was known as one of the kindest transwomen in Pangasinan. 

“I couldn’t imagine it happening. She was so kind. She was family-oriented,” Barber said.

Meanwhile, #JusticeForJessa trends on Twitter as the LGBTQ+ community and supporters mourn the loss of Remiendo, another transgender killed Jennifer, Joy, and Barbie.

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