The Commission on Higher Education (CHED) has collaborated with various college and university stakeholders nationwide to develop new subjects about anti-corruption, aiming to produce more ethical Filipino graduates. 

CHED chairman J. Prospero de Vera III recently spoke with representatives of various universities and student groups under the Integrity Initiative of the Makati Business Club to further promote the academe-government-business partnership in fighting corruption through education

Enabling the partnership, students will be more understanding and knowledgeable about the Philippine government and its bureaucracy—topics such as corruption and fraud—through the new subjects. 

Besides that, ethical dilemmas, people-planet profit, corporate fraud, corruption 101, and corporate governance will be included as well. 


“It is important that ethics in public service be included as one of the key topics in this subject, and our students and higher education stakeholders should be educated on the ethical underpinnings of public service. As we increase the number of young people with the proper moral compass and informed with the relevant laws, we will create a wide network of graft busters around the country,” De Vera said. 

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