Non-interchangeable tokens or NFT – the main digital trend of 2021, generated sales of which in the first quarter alone rose to $ 2 billion.

Not surprisingly, during the pandemic and quarantine restrictions, when physical spaces (museums, art galleries and auctions) went online, young people artists seized the opportunity to make money on their works of art, and a new niche in the market was opened for collectors and crypto-investors.

SOON VUCO NFTS will be available in several markets

NFT or non-fungible token is a special type of cryptocurrency, a digital certificate, which differs from others precisely by its irreplaceability. Each NFT is unique, so it is used to prove ownership of a product online, such as an image, song, or video.


The NFT market in 2020 grew to $ 250 million (four times compared to last year) due to the fact that artists from around the world began to sell illustrations, videos, fragments of music and gif images of their authorship on specialized platforms – marketplaces.

According to the news site about cryptocurrencies Protos, the peak of token sales fell on May 3 – then for the day users bought NFT for $ 102 million, and for the week – for $ 170 million which is almost 90% less. At the same time, the number of active NFT wallets fell by 70% – from 12 thousand at the peak to 3.9 thousand. However, it should be noted that such fluctuations are not unusual for the crypto market.

Vuuzle Media Corp Limited is developing its own NFT tokens – and the company is ready to share its success in this.


Vuco NFTs

So buy, sell or collect VUCO NFT digital assets, which will be stored in a digital book called a blockchain and confirms that the digital asset is UNIQUE!

Vuco Coin created by Vuuzle Media Corp Limited will be available in several markets with a tokenization system that supports bitcoin or Ethereum. 

You can buy or swap VUCO Coins through the links below:



Vuco NFTs

It will be recalled that the international company Vuuzle Media Corp Limited is launching a new blockchain platform for cryptocurrency trading called  Cryptocaptrades, as well as a crypto platform – As you know, Vuuzle Media Corp Limited became the first company in the history of OTT to release its token called VUCO Coin.


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