The idea of ​​metacosverts came to us from science fiction. The term and concept itself were coined by science fiction writer Neil Stevenson in his 1992 book Avalanche. He considered the metauniverse the next stage in the development of the Internet. It is a kind of shared world that combines physical, virtual (VR) and augmented reality (AR).

Ronnie Flynn, founder of  Vuco Coin , the VUCO CASH cryptocurrency platform and Vuco World metaworld , said the  metaworld will  work with traditional gaming companies to integrate them and develop new blockchain gaming features.

Virtual land auctions will be held at Vuco World, where people will be able to buy their own piece of land and profit from the game by performing specific tasks. In the future, these plots of land can be used to build infrastructure for NFT virtual stores, collection galleries, gun stores and buy / sell NFT from the game.

And a little more inside…

Each user will be able to quickly access the virtual city with its buildings and many amenities using VUCO and Vuco World tokens. To put it simply, it is like an environment where each structure and function will have a different purpose, such as a museum that also serves as an NFT market, where users can buy, sell and make money on NFT artwork. 

In the field of virtual reality, the VUCO token can be used to purchase assets. Buildings, cars and residences are examples of assets that can be found in the Vuco World market.

In fact, at Vuco World, products exist in a virtual reality environment. Tokens can be used to buy land in the main points of the property, such as directly in front of the city or overlooking the ocean.

VUCO tokens can also be used to purchase advertising space, which can then be used in peer-to-peer transactions to show advertising to users and generate revenue or resell to other parties.

Vision of Vuco World

To become the next generation of the internet by providing a system for people all over the world to consume and create immersive experiences while monetizing and sharing content, resulting in an ever-expanding virtual metaverse. 

Mission of Vuco World

Our mission is to establish a distinct and visually appealing environment that can be explored, occupied, and even remodeled to meet the demands of all users. Users of VWorld will be able to incorporate their worlds for personal and professional reasons while benefiting from a blockchain-based ecosystem that gives them the means to monetize their VR surroundings in a sustainable economy. 



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