Investors may not be rushing out in buying buildings, spaces, offices or hotels this year. However, property sales in virtual reality are booming and attracting millions of real-world money. Although it is unpredictable for market value forecasting because of the sudden demand and price spike of virtual assets, one thing remains clear — REAL ESTATE HAS GONE META.

Imagine a place where you could always stay young, name a city after yourself, or even become the president — sounds like a dream? Well, if not in the real world, such dreams can definitely be fulfilled in the virtual world of a metaverse. 

The metaverse refers to a handful of platforms on the internet that have built interactive worlds complete with virtual entertainment and businesses. The “metaverse trend” has been joined along with giant companies such as Facebook (Meta), Google, and Microsoft, in order to adapt to the dynamic needs of its consumers.

Across the late quarter of year 2021, in partnership with Vuuzle.TV, an internationaL, OTT streaming platform which has won a Verizon’s 2020’s Brand Blazer Award, has teamed up and launched with VUCO WORLD.

VUCO World is a virtual place with its own economy, currency and social events calendar, accessible to anyone with a web browser. It aims to innovate and create lifestyle within a metaverse.

Vuco World Diamond District Land Parcels, Now Ready to Rock Your 2022 at OpenSea!

Vuco World visions a future of you. Rather than buying a piece of art to hang on your wall, you might buy a piece of NFT digital art to display in a virtual gallery, or instead of purchasing physical land titles, you can purchase digitally, which sounds as massive investment that will generate you income in the future.

Ownership in Vuco World

Vuco World is composed of 25 districts with 4 cities each having 1024 land parcels. The total number of land parcels per district is 4,096 with ratings starting at AAA+, AA+, BBB+ and BB+.

Each city is composed of 1024 land parcels where 30% will be for the roads, trees and other public infrastructures, another 30% will remain as VUCO properties. The remaining 40% will be the maximum saleable land per city.

Knowing more of the Diamond District

Among the 25 world-class districts in VucoWorld, the Diamond District has the most elite, and premium placement in VucoWorld’s map.

Indulgent, glamorous, and progressive are underrating words that describe the Diamond District. Aside for being the center of businesses, this District is visioned to be a luxury travel destination for leisure and business virtual travelers. 

The Diamond districts combines a modern metropolis with a timeless sensibility and technology.  It’s a Residential, Industrial, and Commercial mecca where you can allow your royal dreams happen.

The Diamond District will be composed of four cities namely Nova, Aurora, Easton, and Alden.

Each city is composed of 1024 parcels measuring 32×32 and 16×16. Each land parcel is in Premium Placement Positions authorized and zoned for Residential, Industrial, and Commercial Land Zoning. Furthermore, these land parcels have garnered AAA+, AA+, BBB+ & BB+ ratings internationally.

You may refer to more details below:

Breakdown of EACH City within the Diamond District

  • 1024 – Total parcels
  • (40%) – MAX PARCELS TO BE SOLD IN EACH CITY (256 parcels each for ratings AAA+ , AA+ BB+, BBB+)
  • 307 (30%) – AAA+ VUCO WORLD PROPERTY


  • 32 x 32 = $1, 000, 000 
  • 16 x 16 = $ 225, 000 (Smallest plot)
  • Total: $230,400,000

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The VucoWorld meta encompasses 102,400 pieces of land, or parcels. Each parcel is 16 square meters, roughly 50 feet by 50 feet. So, land is a limited resource in Vuco World as it is in the real world. 

Each land parcel purchased will become a non-fungible token (NFT, ERC 721 or 1155), which means it is unique and cannot be forged or duplicated, the same as physical land in real life. Anybody can buy, sell, or rent land at any time, peer-to-peer on the official VucoWorld Marketplace, or via Open-sea where the digital land for Vuco World will be minted. 

VucoCoin is paired with Ethereum ERC20 and has not yet been given a global value on the world market. Today, we value the Vuco Coin pairing price as it moves up and down based on the high or low value of Ethereum’s daily price. Vuco World has a pre-buy Launch for several consortiums and Pioneer shareholders starting December 30th, 2021.

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