Imagine discovering a world using a single headset, then finding out that everything you need is right there – in full, 3D virtual reality (VR).

Whether it’s for working, or paying bills, leisure, games, watching cinema, or visiting a museum, you can do these all while sitting right where you are, and it will look and feel almost like you’re doing it for real.

Welcome to the future of the internet. Welcome to the Metaverse, or what the world calls, THE SECOND LIFE.

Although most of the VR platforms offer the same features — ownership, gaming, lifestyle — not all mataverses are created the same. VUCO WORLD, a metaverse designed to innovate lifestyle, is literally a life inside a masterpiece.

Living inside a masterpiece

Vuco World Metaverse is designed to allow people to carry out things they do in real life. Here, they’ll be able to work, have fun, shop, exercise, socialize, and create their own lifestyle. They can also set up their own businesses, buy land, make art, and go to concerts – all in a virtual environment.

he soon-to-be finite, traversable, 3D virtual space within VUCO World is called VUCO World Digital Land, a non-fungible digital asset maintained in an Ethereum smart contract. VUCO World Digital Land is divided into parcels that are identified by cartesian coordinates (x, y).

In VUCO World there are 25 districts with 4 cities in each district, making it 100 cities. Each block is an opportunity for land purchasers to grow a stream of revenue through buying, selling, leasing or advertising, and to create a lifestyle within the metaverse, such as establishing malls, museums, offices, etc. Also, each district lets users personalize the life they needed, making it a future masterpiece, uniquely from the concept and purpose of its owner.

You can refer to the photos below for the blockings and locations of the land within VUCO World Digital Land, together with the newly released city logos or you can also visit our site map at

Masterpiece within a masterpiece

The VUCO World Digital Land is a masterpiece itself, from the blockings, building designs, to the highly personalized avatar outfits, everything is screaming ART.

One trademark of the VUCO WORLD is a museum slash marketplace, featuring the company’s own Non Fungible Tokens (NFT). This innovative approach of modern art opens opportunities to both artists, collectors, and enthusiasts to explore masterpieces within a masterpiece.

VUCO NFTS, which will be featured on VUCO World Digital Land Museum, offers users different NFT collections such as the SUPER HERO HUNGRY HIPPOS, MUSCLE-FOODS, and the latest one, FACES OF RONNIE collection.

These NFT’s have been created about one mans life who traveled the world doing things his own way. “Ronnie” is the name of the collection and each NFT is a one of a kind. The man behind this NFT is also the founder of the new virtual world named Vucoworld and is launching a new crypto currency called Vuco coin in January 2022.

This collection will have a total of 100 ‘Ronnies ever to be made. Each Ronnie will have special powers in VucoWorld. Each Ronnie is different and will act as a Guardian angel making sure that if someone is making trouble in VucoWorld all one needs to do is call on Ronnie and they will come to help you, making sure everyone is safe and life inside VucoWorld is pure bliss.

You can refer to the photos below for some samples of this collection or you can also visit our site to view more or buy one of them at

Both VUCO METAVERSE and VUCO NFTs have huge market potential and consistent revenue stream which can be assured the following years.

The fees projected to be earned by VUCO World can go up dramatically, hitting around $500,000 for each month through the end of 2021 to the first quarter of 2022.

By rough estimates, VUCO World will probably achieve huge mark-up profitability, to exceed the collection of more than $55 million in fees with continually growing revenues.




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