Change is imminent and inevitable. The famous Charles Darwin believed that adapting to change is the key to survive the times. Businesses should be highly adaptable to constantly evolving and conveniently improving for the better. This also guarantees companies to stay relevant with current business practices and technologies. Through the years, Vuuzle Media Corp has aimed to cater solutions to clients’ needs. Also, the company visions to provide hassle-free transactions with its investors. As a result, the company steps up its growth to its digitation of shareholders’ investments by tokenization (tokens).

What is Tokenization?

Tokenization is a process that converts the rights and benefits to a particular unit of value. Examples of these include converting an asset into a digital token that lives on the Bitcoin (BSV) Blockchain. Through tokenization, our shareholders will also be able to control and manage their investment and responsibilities from a digital interface. VUCO, which means, “Vuuzle coins” will be available on several marketplaces. These marketplaces contain a new breed of investors gobbling up shares all over the world. As a result, this new venture expects a high potential of growing business rapidly.

What is VUCO? Is it a token?

VUCO, which means, “Vuuzle coins” will be available on several marketplaces where a new breed of investors is gobbling up shares in company’s all over the world through tokenization backed up by bitcoin or Ethereum. It can be exchanged on a “1 for 1 basis,” meaning one share of Vuuzle is equal to one “VUCO” security token. 

How It Works

Tokenization is the process of representing your Vuuzle shares on digital infrastructure. Vuuzle Media Corp will also pledge all of its assets currently held in “Rak ICC offshore.

Moreover, Vuuzle Media Corp Sweden is creating security tokens under the legal jurisdiction of Singapore that can be exchanged on a, “1 for 1 basis,” meaning 1 share of Vuuzle is equal to one “VUCO” security token. Each shareholder will have the right to exchange their shares for security tokens that are backed by Crypto Currency.

Through this new venture, Vuuzle Media Corp aims to provide a better experience to its clients and shareholders, as well as maintain high potential in the field of business. The company will always adhere to its purpose of providing a new era of entertainment, as well as providing two-way growth and success to its partners.

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