In addition to threatening human health, the coronavirus has a significant impact on business and the economy. On the other side, the international company Vuuzle Media Corp Limited is responding effectively to the crisis and is getting stronger every day in this “new normal”.

While most businesses were counting losses in 2020-2021, a number of companies were on the rise. 

In particular, Vuuzle Media Corp managed to build and launch innovations such as its very own token, VUCO, its cryptocurrency blockchain Cryptocaptrades, adopted NFTs and made its own marketplace and game, and a whole lot more!

Throughout the two years of the pandemic battle, the company has not suspended its work – the projects actively produce innovations that leave the world shocked and amazed.

Vuuzle Media Corp Limited founder Ronnie Flynn notes that the crisis will never prevent the company in creating new ways, pioneering innovations among its co-game players. Instead, each must look at this crisis as an opportunity to have setbacks, plan another goal, and work hard for it.

Here are the latest and hottest innovations of Vuuzle Media Corp Limited, born amid the pandemic


VUCO or Vuuzle coins will be available in several markets with a bitcoin-supported tokenization system or Ethereum. VUCO can be exchanged on a “1 for 1” basis, which basically means one VUCO purchase is equal to one VUCO token. Each investor will have the right to exchange their own tokens for security tokens secured by cryptocurrency.


Cryptocaptrades is a one-stop all-in innovative blockchain that will help you manage your digital assets effectively. By using Cryptocaptrades, most kinds of cryptocurrency available in the market are now one tap away. Through this innovative app, you are now able to store, send, buy or sell existing cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocaptrades is also a carrier for diverse third-party DAPPs. This platform has features such us double security, user friendly, fast transactions and a lot more, letting you experience smooth and speedy transactions you deserve.


VUCO NFTs, or nonfungible tokens, are unique assets that can’t be replaced with something else, and are verified and stored using blockchain technology. They can include everything from music to a website domain, but the current craze is really around digital artwork.

Uploaded on our website are some artworks made by our artists, and partners. NFTS are uploaded on a marketplace, (OpenSea for example), where viewers can bid on your art. Beeple’s NFT was sold for 69million dollars, which shows the large market potential of this venture.

Vuuzle Media Corp will soon launch its own NFT marketplace to double up security of your art and earn or get commissions you deserve, so watch out!

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NFT Sales Spiking Up to $10.7B — Vuuzle to Adopt this Crypto Asset Frenzy as it Hits New Highs

Learning more of the NFT’s market potential


We provide you individual websites where you can purchase or manage your VUCO Coins. These websites also show real-time trading values, whether in physical cash or other cryptocurrency coins.

Aside from that, both websites will give you extensive understanding of our platform by reading down through the features, business plan and models, road map, FAQS, and our very own white paper.


GAMEVU NFT will be play-to-earn nft games where you can use your skills and passion for gaming while earning huge amount of money.

Play-to-earn NFT games give users the chance to generate an income stream through playing. Typically, a player is rewarded with tokens and occasionally NFTs, earning more the longer they play. The tokens earned are often needed as part of the game’s crafting process.

GameVu NFT is a NFT project that aims to create a community and unite real esports fans and talents, as well as artists and digital art experts.

Browsing through our website will give you an overview about Play-To-Earn-NFT Games, In-Game NFTs, The Possible Risks, Tips, and a lot!


Vuuzle Media Entertainment is a new breed of global agency delivering world-class solutions for clients through media, content, and technology.

The launch was a chance for us to build an agency free from legacy structures and models; an agency with the right talent mix, set-up and speed to help clients find growth in a tough environment. We knew that our combined decade of global expertise in media strategy, planning and investment was hugely valuable to clients, but that by integrating it with new skills, we could do a bigger and better job for these clients.

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