Cultural diversity can be defined as differences in people’s cultural backgrounds. Human culture is the result of the way we create behavior. The sharing of cultural information allows groups of humans to interact and cooperate effectively, so it is essential that some processes act to limit diversity.

We often notice a person’s cultural background through their language, religion, race, and ethnicity and how it is expressed through things like art, music, food, or literature.

Other groups of people can have different aspects of their identity in common.  For example, it could be their gender, age, sexual preference, physical abilities, or social status. Cultural differences leading to discrimination and racism can have an impact on your child’s wellbeing. 

Furthermore, cultural diversity is created, maintained, and also lost over time.

Vuuzle TV’s new episode “School of Manners”, tackles the cultural diversity and how it affects the world.

Racism and discrimination are so out of style. In our year, we should be open to all differences and also maintain harmony with all races.

You can stream free episodes at anytime, anywhere. Please click the link below:


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