Another OTT Player Eyes PH Market

Vuuzle.TV debut its service in the U.S. wherein according to research, OTT video services subscribers there are 64% high. The said OTT service player also set its pace on the other parts of Asia such as Dubai and Indonesia, now in the Philippines.

According to its executives, they are expanding global presence as Vuuzle.TV OTT service wants to deliver high-quality entertainment for everyone to enjoy. The good thing about this incoming service provider is that the platform is FREE for all Filipinos who can access the app via phone, tablets, smart TVs, or laptops. In addition, Vuuzle.TV is accessible to both Android and iOS users which make it available to many.

Is the Internet fast enough to support the service?

Internet connection

That’s the catch here. The Philippine government is working out things to upgrade the Internet speed of the country. Compared to other Asian countries, the Philippines is still one of the countries which has a very slow Internet speed. OOKLA’s Speedtest Global Index conducted a speed test last February and it showed that the Internet speed of Philippines significantly improved. It showed that the average speed of download improved from 7.92 Mbps in July 2016 to 19.28 Mbps when the test was conducted. The numbers reveal that the Internet speed drastically improved up to 143.74%.

Other Philippine OTT players have partnered with telco companies to ensure uninterrupted viewing experience of subscribers. This is something that Vuuzle.TV should look for—telco company that will offer a high and fast speed Internet for its service to be enjoyed by Filipino cord-cutters.

Just a wild guess! You are paying for a monthly subscription, aren’t you? Maybe you just have to wait for some time because from what Vuuzle.TV says, they will make the service for FREE in the market. This US-based OTT provider is making its way here!


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