The effects of the COVID-19 panic has caused a massive changes to our daily lives, changes that have often happened rapidly and abruptly. Life adjustments often come with a wide range of experiences and emotions.

Throughout the pandemic, many of us have changed the way we think about hygiene and making sure we do everything possible to stay safe and healthy. The things we learnt when we were young and are common sense to us now have all been reinforced during the pandemic. This includes washing our hands after going to the bathroom or before eating at the dinner table.


  • Masks and gloves may be commonplace, depending on where in the world you live.
  • Queuing is now the norm, be it when visiting health professionals, going to the shops, or even getting in a lift.
  • Public transport looks very different, with social distancing in place and commuters wearing masks and gloves.
  • We do a double-take when we hear someone cough, sneeze, or sniffle. We’ve been conditioned these past few months to be hypervigilant for these symptoms, but hopefully this might also mean that higher standards of hand and personal hygiene will continue.
  • Education as we know it has change. Schools and universities have moved online, some blending face-to-face with online lectures.
  • Work has also change due to social distancing. So many of us shifted to working from home to minimize travelling on public transport and gathering in groups at the office. Zoom meetings even became our New Normal.
  • Not seeing loved ones for their benefit. Elderly parents and grandparents, pregnant friends or new parents, or those with health conditions that render them more vulnerable to coronavirus – we’re staying away to keep them safe.

We do not know how long this virus will be around for. We all need to work together to ensure we are doing the right thing for our friends, family, colleagues and our community, to stop the spread.


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