Interior decorating maybe, or actually is, overwhelming for most people. Given that the bunch of inspiration that exist across the Internet, sometimes we just can’t start the home make-over we have been planning as they are not really doable for us. And yes, it is possible to achieve that. You don’t have to break the bank; you just have to put forth some effort into it. So without any fuss, we give you the achievable ways to make your home Instagrammable. 

7 Best Ways to Achieve an Instagrammable Space at Home

Lighting is key. 

Lighting is very essential in interior designing. Aside from adding aesthetic appeal, it also defines the mood and environment of the space. Lighting could also make your home look more elegant, stylish, spacious. To work this out, you may use light fabric curtains, like cotton and linen, as induce light and summer vibes whereas heavy fabrics can weigh a room down. Of course, lighter colors evoke natural lighting, so make use of those. 

Paint your walls white

Most of the best interiors you see in your Instagram, or Pinterest feed have white-painted walls, haven’t they? So, start by getting yourself a brush and a bucket of white paint. This is definitely doable and you could finish this in a day or two. This will bring your home a much lighter and airy space. 

Use some home color-coordination.  

We are not interior designers and that’s just fine. But, having some understanding how colors go along with each other is really important when you intend to redecorate your home. Coordination of colors will also make a room seem like it’s ready for a shoot. This might be a little extra to mention but, you may check a color wheel to determine what matches what. Other ways you may employ is choosing a color scheme from the largest pattern in the space, decorating vertically from darkest to lightest, or using the 60-30-10 rule. But when in doubt, neutral color palette, including white, beige, taupe, gray or black, is the way to go.

Organize your surfaces.

If you are fond of taking flat-lays, you know how critical it is to have beautiful surfaces. Although you may not be good at baking enough to have a gorgeous marble countertop, you can actually fake with marble effect sticker which would not cost you that much. Or, you may just take that wooden dining table from you grannie’s house.

Add plants to your decorations

By now, you may  probably know with every great interior, there’s great plant. Plants can make a dramatic change for any space in your home. You may enhance their aesthetic wonders by simply putting them in earthy pots or DIY planters. Don’t worry if you do not have enough sunlight inside your house ‘cause you can just get those fake plants from the department store.

Hang something unique on your home walls

Get rid of those  “Live Laugh Love” frames and find something unique to hang on your walls. Gallery postcards or polaroids, a painting your made when you were a kid, or some wall letters. Also, look for something that reflects your personality. You can also spice up that dull wall with the use of neon lights that cost just the same as your cup of coffee. 

Do you additional suggestions to achieve an Instagrammable place? Feel free to share them below!


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