5 Steps to Detox and Eliminate Post-holiday Fats


Holidays have been a celebration of excessive eating, company parties, night outs which cause lack of sleep, bloating, and post-holiday fats due to activities that happened.

Expectedly, most people gain weight during the holidays between Christmas and New Year’s Day. It’s not a problem though, the only thing that gets real is that people do not lose the weight they gained during the festive season.

In the long run, even modest incremental holiday weight gain may lead to obesity and other health-related problems such as hypertension, stroke, Type II diabetes, and more.

If you are one of those struggling to get back to a healthy shape, go further along with these steps to detox and fight post-holiday fats:

1. Fridge Cleaning


The first step, get those holiday leftovers out of the box! It may have been in the fridge for more than a week or so. Also, it is a good way to avoid eating much more than you should.

2. Detox


If you feel bloated, it is because of the sugar, refined carbs, and salt you have consumed over the holidays so it is important to detoxify your body from unhealthy organisms in your body.

Stay away first from hard drinks, sweets, and carb foods as your liver and muscle glycogen are likely topped out and you’re retaining water which causes bloating and puffiness. Instead, eat plenty of protein-filled food and healthy fats. 

3. Exercise to sweat


Exercise increases the blood flow and metabolism of a person, so, sweating is a natural method to release toxins out of the body. However, do not overdo or punish yourself at the gym as nothing can be instantly accomplished within a day. 

Take it slowly. Find activities you enjoy and stick with it to form a routine. Your enjoyment in your chosen activities will also bring significant results to your body.

4. Lots of water intake


Drink lots of water for hydration: in the morning, throughout the day, and before you hit the bed.

Water helps toxins out of the body and eliminate body waste you consumed.

5. Exfoliate

Image Source: Shape Magazine

The body may expel toxins through the pores. To speed up the process, take a bath with a cup of Epsom salt. Exfoliation also helps fasten the detoxification process of the body. 

That’s it! Your body will be back in shape soon. Just remember that it doesn’t take overnight to achieve significant results. Be fit in a healthy way! 


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