What is the metaverse and what are
the prospects for a virtual economy?

The idea of ​​a metauniverse has aroused wealthy investors and large technology companies around the world. And the explosion of interest in NFT, which is able to provide reliable tracking of ownership of digital goods, already shows how the virtual economy will develop.

Moreover, in recent years, virtual reality technology has taken a big step forward. High-quality headsets have appeared that realistically reproduce the player’s movements in cyberspace. 

Unlike the current virtual reality, which is used mainly for games, this virtual world can be used for almost anything: business conferences, games, concerts, watching movies or just for fun. You will be in this world in the form of your 3D avatar.

And here is confirmation that the future of the metaverse is…

Recently, the creators of  VUCO CASH bought a virtual plot of land on Decentraland, built a house and even managed to hold the first meeting. This DEFi platform will provide lending, staking, fiat rate, money transfer and uninterrupted payments services.


In fact, the metacosm looks like a somewhat in-depth version of virtual reality (VR), but many believe that the metauniverse is the future. The metauniverse and VR technology relate much like a modern smartphone and the first clumsy cell phones of the 1980s. 

Who else is interested in the metaverse?

As you know, Mark Zuckerberg has announced the recruitment of 10,000 workers who will develop new technology in the EU. Facebook has made the creation of a metauniverse one of its priorities. The technology giant is investing heavily in development, which can be accessed with the Oculus headset. Although some analysts consider these investments unprofitable. The social network also develops VR programs for virtual meetings and business conferences, including those that interact with the real world.

The idea of ​​a metaverse has long been discussed by Tim Sweeney , chairman of Epic Games (which makes Fortnite). Online games involving many players have been used by interactive worlds for many decades. In recent years, Fortnite has expanded its product to include concerts, brand events and more in its own digital world. The possibilities of this impressed many and drew attention to the concept of the metaverse, which Mr. Sweeney spoke about. 

Other games also approach the idea of ​​a metaverse. For example, Roblox is a platform for thousands of individual games associated with a larger ecosystem. At the same time, the platform for developing 3D games Unity invests in “digital twins” – digital copies of the real world. And graphics company Nvidia is building its Omniverse, which it describes as a platform for connecting virtual 3D worlds.

Tim Sweeney recently told the Washington Post that he imagines a world in which a carmaker, advertising its new model, “launches it into the virtual universe, and anyone can ride it.” Or, for example, you go online shopping and try on clothes in a digital environment before ordering something. 


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