All-Powerful Media Queen Kris Aquino has stated that Willie Revillame, a TV host and actor, has been playing cupid to her heart. Kris didn’t say who the guy was, but Willie said, “That’s how a boyfriend should be.” ” I’m not a politician. Willie was then mocked by the actress-turned-TV anchor about why he constantly trying to be a matchmaker. “Why are you saying others, ‘don’t you, my children want you?'” Willie was also shown kindness by Kris, who wiped his sweat with a tissue.

Kris: "Wait a minute, why isn't somebody looking after you?"
Willie was drenched in sweat. You're not going to wipe him. I'm completely enamored with you... You deserve to be looked for, not neglected! “We are not AlDub,” Willie says. I'm a grandfather, and I'm proud of it. You'll be a grandmother as well.
“Of course not!” Kris exclaims. “That's still a long time!” exclaims the speaker.
“Stop it!” exclaims Willie. What you're doing is humiliating!
“I'm just wiping you,” Kris says. Don't make any sense.
"Why do you have to wipe me?" Willie asks.
“At the very least, you're taken care of!” Kris exclaims. Is that anything you don't want?
“I'm not used to being looked after,” Willie says. ” I look after myself. “All right, take care!” Kris says. It's all your fault!


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