Some women are irritated by the prospect of turning 31. Many of them consider it to be “too old.” Kim Chiu, on the other hand, isn’t one of them. In a recent article, she stated this clearly. “We age not by years but by stories,” wrote the actress-TV host, who was one of the winners of the coveted Isah V. Red Award at the 4th Eddys. We have no right to complain. In the picture, Kim appeared to be quite the vixen. In reality, at the age of 31, she appears to be in great shape. And what about those embroidered pantyhose? That’s what there is to it.

Obviously, she looks good in black. She expressed her gratitude to everyone who sent her love on this special day. As she said in her previous article, there were several. As a result, we pose a query. What more could Kim possibly want? She has everything. A promising career, a devoted and supportive fan base… Ok, how about a husband? Is it a baby? Xian Lim, what are your thoughts?


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