We all have our boss-hatred-stories. The bad communicator, the credit grabber, or a combination of everything gross.

However, we’ve all had those amazing bosses as well — the leader who encourages all employees to take their work up to the next level; the boss who makes everyone around them look better, the leader who shares his success with everyone.

And in Vuuzle Media Corp, we got one, and he’s Ronnie Flynn!

Ronnie Flynn is not only an amazing boss, but an amazing friend, and father as well.

Through the years, he learned how to build meaningful bridges with people along their journey. He always has an ear and hand to lend whenever someone needs it. His heart is full of joy, compassion, and harmony. Aren’t you convinced yet?

Here are some real stories and testimonials from real people!

(Feel free to visit Ronnie Flynn’s official website: https://ronnieflynnofficial.com/)

However, as the quote says, “Rocks and stones are thrown at the tree which bears fruits“, Ronnie Flynn’s success did not escape negative thoughts from polluted minds. Amidst milestones and successes, there are several setbacks and hindrances that came along the way.

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“To be strong is not easy to do when you are blamed for a crime you never committed.”

As the allegations continue to pollute minds and tarnish the clean name of Ronnie Flynn, the founder of Vuuzle Media Corp claps backs, airing his sentiments in his Facebook account. Here’s a screen-grab from the whole statement:

Tangled fallacies and truth may seem to tie knots today, but faith and justice will always sort everything out.

Ronnie Flynn’s Vuuzle Media Corp was built along with sacrifices, and continuous hustle. Every employee it once had, and currently has, contributed a part of his/herself to what growth it has now. Vuuzle Media Corp, with its captain, Ronnie Flynn, will still uphold its vision of providing a new era of entertainment across the globe, and continue to become beacons of truth and honor.

This is a developing story.

Written by: Francesca Jade S. Hernandez | Content Writer & Public Relations Specialist

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