Zsa Zsa Padilla has refuted reports that she tested positive for the COVID-19 virus. Zsa Zsa called the allegations “fake news” on Instagram. She claims to be in the United States for a checkup. “Since I tweeted that I had been experiencing leg and back pain for 5 days and couldn’t get an MRI in Manila due to COVID-19 cases in hospitals,” she said, “so much has been said about my condition.” The 56-year-old actress revealed that she began experiencing nerve problems in her legs and lower back pains last year. “My doctor in Manila recommended that I get an MRI, but because it was my first time, I was unable to do so. “I had no idea I’d weep and leave because of claustrophobia,” she said.

“After a year, my back and leg began causing me problems again, and because our hospitals are overflowing with COVID patients, I didn’t want to risk getting my tests done at home.” Conrad Onglao, her long-time boyfriend, wanted to take her to California to see his brother, Dr. Art Onglao, who referred her to a specialist. “I also wanted an Obgyn checkup, and fortunately, my nerve specialist is married to an Obgyn! “What were the odds?” she exclaimed. Zsa Zsa mentioned that she has been busy with all of her “much-needed” consultations and tests since they arrived.


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